My Life

I’m Ary Mega, a product designer, web developer, chopper head, fitness enthusiast, coffee addict, whiskey lover, tattoo collector and an American-Indonesian from Los Angeles, California.


There’s nothing I love more than dedicating my time to my adventure partner, bedroom lover and best friend, Alexandra, and our son, Arro.


When I’m not chasing Arro around or spending quality time with Alex, I write articles about my life, my work and everything in between.


Recently, I founded and, briefly, owned CVMPUS, a social space for automotive, creative and fitness enthusiasts. Before that, I was the responsible for leading the global user experience at TechStyle Fashion Group, a fashion-tech company, where I worked primarily on Fabletics and provided support for FabKids, JustFab, Savage X and ShoeDazzle. A presentation of what I do and a showcase of my work is coming soon.